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Tom expresses concern at Hemlington NHS proposals

Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, Tom Blenkinsop. Has today (11th August 2014) expressed his concerns at a consultation looking into whether there is sufficient capacity in the area if Hemlington Medical Centre was to close.

Commenting on the consultation Tom said:
“Across my entire constituency different NHS services are being put at risk due to the destructive reorganisation imposed by the Tory-led Government – in Skelton we have lost the GP Practice and walk-in centre; in Park End we’ve lost the medical centre, and minor-injury services in Guisborough and Brotton look precarious. These proposals for Hemlington Medical Centre would be devastating and would inevitably increase pressure on other local NHS services, such as already overstretched A&E services.

“Whilst I understand that, currently, this only forms part of a consultation, it is strikingly similar to what happened in Skelton and Park End. I vehemently oppose the proposal to close Hemlington Medical Centre and I will be responding to the consultation saying as much. I would urge local residents who rely on the service to do the same.

“Our NHS is rapidly being eroded away and only a Labour government will fight for it.”

Comment on the ‘Special Briefing’ issued by South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust concerning its financial challenges for the next 2 years

Tom Blenkinsop MP said:
“The “Special Briefing” released by the Trust today is opaque to say the least, and it raises several serious questions.

“From the briefing it is not evident as to how the Trust has derived their financial figures as stipulated; nor is it evident in their previous board minutes as to how the Trust has gone from an apparent £5m financial gap to a £29m financial gap in the space of 12 months. This may indeed be true, but the “Special briefing” by no means explains why.

“What we do know is there is  a documented £7m under spend on core nursing or nursing establishment, yet a £4m overspend on agency nursing, with an additional £3.26m overspend on other agency medical staffing.

“In terms of immediate next steps we need the Trust to tell us whether this black hole is – as it appears to be – unexpected phenomena. But if it was expected why weren’t plans put in place to deal with it? Secondly, I’ll be asking to meet with the Trust and the Secretary of State and if my concerns are not addressed I’ll be writing to the Comptroller & Auditor General.

“It is clear that the unwanted NHS reorganisation by this Government has left the finances of our local NHS services in a perilous position and every action must be taken to ensure questions are answered and that this issue is resolved in a timely manner.”