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Tom Blenkinsop MP demands quick response from Redcar and Cleveland Council to Boosbeck Slaughterhouse fiasco

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, berated Redcar and Cleveland Council for their “sheer incompetence in approving a slaughterhouse in Boosbeck”.

Reiterating his clear opposition to the development, Tom Blenkinsop said “It is taking too long for council officials to get back in touch with BASH, myself and the development owner to discuss more suitable premises, as promised in previous meetings and communications. I complained to the Council over two and a half months ago about the processes involved in approving the slaughterhouse, but I am yet to receive a response to my original complaint.

In previous meetings, we had an understanding that a potential deal could be made for all parties to be happy. The potential for a deal is still on the table, but time is slipping by. We cannot wait any further and need action from the Council immediately to rectify the planning officers’ earlier decision.”

Boosbeck Labour Councillor Dave Williams agreed with Tom: “The view in Boosbeck is that, whilst things are moving, the Council must act quicker.”

Tom said: “From the start, inept decisions have been taken. A catalogue of poor judgement calls have got us here, which I have made clear to Redcar and Cleveland Council. However, there still remains a clear way out for the Council. Let’s get on with doing the work to make this deal happen, so Boosbeck’s residents can be left in peace.”

Tom praises BBC chairman’s decision to “reprieve” local TV and radio cuts

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, today (January 25th) welcomed the news that BBC Chairman, Lord Patten, had ordered BBC managers to ‘pull back’ from deep cuts to BBC Local Radio and the axing of regional TV news and programmes like the ‘Inside Out’ news magazine.

Tom said “The news that cuts were – in the wake of government funding reductions – going to affect local stations like BBC Radio Tees, were of great concern to me and fellow local MPs. People need radio stations like this to follow local news, weather and sports like BBC Tees live coverage of matches at Middlesbrough FC, Hartlepool and Darlington. In addition, stations like BBC Tees and other regional BBC stations act as an incubator for local talent in music and drama.”

“These stations are not minority hobbies. According to independent data, a big chunk of the population listen to BBC local radio, and they would have been deprived of a local lifeline if it were to be taken off air. They are part of the glue of local communities and were too valuable to lose”

“Gazette now firmly placed in the corridors of power” — Tom Blenkinsop MP and Phil Wilson MP

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, and Phil Wilson, Labour MP for Sedgefield are today (November 9th 2011) celebrating their success in persuading the House of Commons authorities to stock the Evening Gazette as one of the papers daily open for reading in the House of Commons Library.

The paper will have a place of honour amongst the leading papers and periodicals from across the world, and is there to be read by all MP’s.


Tom said “It is fitting that almost exactly 100 years since the death of Hugh Gilzean Reid, the founder and first editor of the Gazette, and, later, an MP himself, this paper is on the House Library desks.  This means that MP’s from all corners of the UK, including party leaders, and cabinet and shadow cabinet members, can read about the way in which Teesside, and the people of Teesside, are fighting for a better quality of life for their families and communities and how important Teesside’s economic powerhouse is to the entire UK economy.”


“In fact it gives PM David Cameron a chance to have access to Teesside’s leading paper, and learn how to spell ‘Teesside’ correctly and maybe even find out where it is.”


Phil said “Having the Evening Gazette in the library of the House of Commons is good news for Teesside and good news for MP’s who can find out more about this great part of the country.  Teesside has so much to offer through the skills and experience of its workforce as well as a community spirit that is next to none that it really is important other members in the House have the chance to see what a forward looking part of the world this is.”