‘Labour won’t short change armed forces’

Tom has welcomed the Labour Shadow Defence Secretary Nia Griffith’s proposals to spend more money on the armed forces.

Currently, as a NATO member the UK has an obligation to spend 2% of its GDP on defence and security. However, the Conservative Government have made major cuts to the defence budget and been accused of an accounting ‘sleight of hand’ by including war pensions and other areas of spending in the 2% target. An independent review of the Government’s figures suggested that without the questionable inclusion of these areas of spending the UK would not meet its NATO target.

Nia Griffith has said she is considering plans to ensure that at least 2% of GDP is spent on security and defence capabilities, by not counting money spent on pensions as contributing toward the target.

Tom welcomed the move:

This proposal shows the Labour won’t short change our armed forces or cut corners on Britain’s security.

The Government has approached meeting the 2% NATO spending target as an accountancy problem, rather than a necessary part of ensuring our country is kept safe.

Nia’s proposal would help servicemen and women get the support they deserve. Labour’s policy would make defence spending about our nation’s security again, rather than financial manoeuvres.

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