Tom welcomes news of Boosbeck abattoir sale

The news that the controversial Boosbeck abattoir will be sold by the site owners to a developer for housing has been welcomed by Tom.

Tom said:

This news lifts a cloud that has hung over the village for far too long.  The securing of this deal by Labour controlled Redcar and Cleveland is welcome. The quicker the bulldozers are in on the site, the better for everyone.

This issue has taken too long to resolve but the patient hard work of residents and the Labour led council has brought this saga to a successful end, unfortunately this was not helped by a rabble of EDL members drinking and marching through the village causing problems and breaking down community cohesion for their own ends.

However, there is still an unfinished issue to resolve, the abattoir was reopened as a going concern because that was the former business activity on that site. Under existing planning law, all a new landowner has to obtain is a ‘certificate of lawfulness’ confirming that previous activity.

Such a certificate is perfectly legal, its issue cannot be refused by a council and it cannot be challenged in law.

I believe there needs to be a change in law which requires such certificates to be extinguished after a specified period for business activities which could be seen as anti-social – and slaughtering would be high on that list.’

This is something I intend to raise on the floor of the Commons when parliament returns.

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