GMB joins Community, USDAW and the MU in nominating Owen Smith

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The GMB union is the fourth union to nominate the challenger Owen Smith for Labour leader. It is also the first to take its decision via a general vote of members.

The union, which represents over 600,000 working people, voted for Owen over the current leader Jeremy Corbyn by 60% to 40%.

Tom Blenkinsop, MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland said:

Unionised working people are having their say on this Labour leadership contest. Steelworkers, binmen, lollypop ladies, defence sector workers, welders, factory workers, bus drivers and thousands of others are saying they need a Labour government – they need Owen Smith for leader.

I hope that the voices of these organised working people will be heard over heckles of disorganised protesters who for too long have been allowed to drown out serious concerns about our present leadership.

It is no coincidence that the first union to nominate a candidate by a ballot of all its members nominated Smith by such an overwhelming margin. Tim Roache he is a real leader and one who listens to the working people of this country.

I hope Unison will follow GMB’s lead in endorsing the only candidate in this election who can save the Labour party and the NHS we created.

For more details visit GMB’s website.

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