Tom welcomes the governments forced U-Turn on school academisation

Commenting on the news that the government is to drop its plans to force all schools to become academies, Tom Blenkinsop, Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland said:

“Thanks to pressure from Labour MPs and Labour councils the government has U-turned on its costly top down reorganisation which would have seen all schools forced to become academies by 2020.

“The government should now be looking at ways to support our immensely hardworking head teachers, the thousands of dedicated teachers and support staff who do so much to provide excellent education for young people often in difficult circumstances.

“Locally we have some of the best primary schools in the country, the government’s plans to force them all to become academies could have jeopardised this as schools would have been forced to become more like businesses and hardworking parent governors would have been abandoned.

“There is little evidence that academies raise standards, especially for primary schools, different schools have differed priorities and it would be wrong for the government to force them all it to the one size fits all academy route, I welcome their U-turn.”


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