Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, today (May 4th 2016) said the privatised Post Office Counters had “added insult to injury” in the long running controversy about a move of the existing sub post office in Saltburn.

Tom said “A week ago, the Post Office told me that despite the fact ‘people with be inconvenienced’ they would be going ahead with the much disliked move from the existing Station Square post office to a new site on Windsor Road, which would be shared with the new Nisa mini-market store.

“Now, a further letter arrived which has added insult to injury. Originally, in their first letter the Post Office had promised a new pelican crossing on the busy Windsor Road as well as the relocation of bus stops, now the follow up letter merely reveals that this would be a ‘request’ to both Redcar and Cleveland Council and Arriva Buses to undertake these jobs.

“This is an utter nonsense. The council is cash strapped and has announced a moratorium on new borrowing for capital works and already has a waiting list of road improvements across the Borough, hey just can’t ‘put in a new crossing’ as the Post Office assumes they can do.  Likewise,  we have enough problems holding Arriva to their promises of running buses already – I fail to see them responding to a request from the Post Office to carry out a move of stops which would only benefit one trader.

“If the Post Office and Nisa are serious, they would finance and carry out these road improvements at their own cost, putting their money where their mouth is.  All this has been a tawdry exercise on a move already, I am certain, tacitly agreed even before the self-styled ‘consultation’ was underway.”

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