Tom lambasts decision to cancel CCS funding for UK projects whilst handing £35m to projects in China and Indonesia

Tom Blenkinsop, MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, has today (26th January 2016) attacked the Government’s decision to  investment £35m to help China and Indonesia develop Carbon Capture and Storage technology whilst withdrawing funding for the CCS Commercialisation Programme just 4 weeks before submission of final bids.

Tom said:
“The decision by George Osborne to cancel the funding for CCS in his Spending Review last year has been widely condemned by industry experts and climate change campaigners alike. Indeed the Energy and Climate Change Committee, of which I am a member, launched an inquiry into the ‘future of carbon capture and storage in the UK’.

“Questions need to be asked why millions of pounds for similar CCS projects in China and Indonesia have been given by the UK Government whilst funding has removed from the UK programme. How much more has been given to similar overseas projects that would seemingly fly-in the face of supporting UK jobs?

“The future of CCS in the UK – and in particular Industrial CCS projects like the Teesside Collective – is heavily dependent on public support. The Government urgently needs to clarify just how much funding has gone overseas.”

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