Response to BIS Committee report on UK Steel crisis

Responding to the report released today (21st December 2015) by the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee regarding the UK Steel industry and the Government’s response to the crisis, Tom Blenkinsop, Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and East said:

“This is a damning report released by the BIS committee that clearly sets out that the government failed to react to the warning signs that preluded the crisis in the UK steel industry. Years of inaction, despite numerous calls from a range of interested parties, has almost put the UK steel industry out of business and on Teesside the industry that defined an area has pretty much disappeared.

“Particularly of note in the report is the request for the Government to act on the ‘5 asks’ that came from the steel summit held in October. It has been well over a month since the steel summit in Rotherham, and only one of the five industrial asks has been met despite ministerial assurances that they would be met before Christmas.

“The urgency of this UK steel crisis is becoming more acute, with the situation worsening. Government must act now, and industry must hang in there and not resort to not using the crisis as an excuse to attack workers terms and conditions, nor dissolve strategic UK assets.”

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