Teesside MPs to put steel plan to Minister on visit to Redcar

Teesside Labour MPs Anna Turley and Tom Blenkinsop have secured a visit to Teesside from industry minister Anna Soubry and will be presenting a rescue plan for the steelworks to her.

Ms Soubry, the Minister of State for Small Business, Industry and Enterprise, will be meeting Anna and Tom in Redcar tomorrow.

Anna said:
“I am really pleased we have been able to secure this visit so that the minister can see first-hand how much the steelworks means to Teesside and why urgent action is needed to secure it.

“Tom and I will be putting a rescue plan for the SSI site to her which will involve working with a number of partners including the unions, local British businesses and organisations in the region.

“The plan will propose a way in which the site can be properly secured, keeping the blast furnace lit so that one day when the market turns Teesside will be able to produce steel again.

“But the plan will only work if all partners, including the government, sit down and work together on the details. We hope the minister will commit to doing this tomorrow.”

Tom said:
“We have a plan to rescue this asset. The government doesn’t. The plan might not work. But it definitely won’t if we don’t try. It’s now up to them to work with us here in the region to save steelmaking on Teesside.”

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