Guisborough Town Hall purchase is a boost for the town and local people

Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland today (15th September 2015) welcomed the news that Labour-led Redcar and Cleveland Council had completed the purchase of Guisborough Town Hall and will now be looking to bring the site back as the showpiece of the town.

Tom said:
“For a number of years Guisborough Town Hall has been neglected. A once grand building has become a bit of an eye sore and the source of numerous complaints. Its location, right in the centre of the town, only served to highlight its sorry state – and I received many complaints along these lines.

“So it is fantastic news the new Labour-led council have purchased the building and will soon begin a consultation with local people on the new purpose for the building and how to make it integral to Guisborough High Street once again.

“I look forward to seeing how the project develops but in the meantime I welcome the news that the future of Guisborough Town Hall has been secured.”

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