Tom urges Arriva to look at better fares for young people

Local Labour MP Tom Blenkinsop has today (28th July 2015) written to the bus firm Arriva urging them to look at introducing a child version of the weekly ticket.

Tom said:
“As it is currently the school holidays, hundreds of families across my constituency will be looking to utilise Arriva’s bus services to travel around this and the surrounding area. However, the lack of any sort of weekly travel ticket for children is off-putting for commuters as it leads to spiralling travel costs, particularly for parents with more than one child.

“I am aware that such tickets are available for adults using your bus services. Therefore, I have written to Arriva to enquire whether they have any plans to introduce a weekly ticket for children across all their services to reduce the financial burden on parents and to make travelling on public transport an economically viable alternative for families in my constituency.”

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