‘Government has let down the North East on jobs growth’

Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, Tom Blenkinsop, has today (6th July 2015) claimed that the Government has let down the North East as a new report reveals that London creates jobs four times faster than the North East.

The research by the Northern TUC of ONS data shows that between 2010 and 2014 jobs growth in London (11.5%) was four times as fast as the North East (2.9%).

Tom said:
“It has been over 12 months since George Osborne coined the phrase ‘Northern Powerhouse’, but action and investment to make it more than a buzz-phrase remains thin on the ground. I think this research clearly demonstrates that there is long-way to go to rebalance job opportunities and growth away from London – and in particular to the North East.

“The North East and, being more parochial, Teesside in particular needs urgent investment in skills and modern infrastructure. Businesses have already identified that they find it hard to find candidates with the adequate skills and there is a whole generation missing out if those jobs go elsewhere.

“We’ve plenty of opportunities in the North East. Last week’s decision on the potash mine, the gas supply-deal between BOC and SSI, and the proposed Carbon Capture and Storage network are all huge boosts to the area and I believe demonstrate a reignition of Teesside as a major player amongst large, modern industries.

“Furthermore, the Budget on Wednesday is an opportunity not to be missed for the Chancellor to start backing up his apparent desire to develop a Northern Powerhouse.”

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