‘Low paid families could face cuts to tax credits’ warns Tom Blenkinsop

Local Labour MP Tom Blenkinsop has today (24th June 2015) warned that ‘low paid working families could face the brunt of cuts to tax credits.’

Shocking new figures released by the House of Commons Library show that 56% of families with children in could be hit by cuts to tax credits – joint highest in the country.

Tom said:
“Three months ago, before the General Election, the Tories produced an arbitrary figure of cutting the welfare budget by £12bn, but have failed to spell out exactly where the axe would fall. All the signs are pointing to tax credits being the one of the main targets.

“This will be a huge concern for many of my constituents. Tax credits offer a vital boost to living standards for families across Teesside and low-paid workers should not be in the firing line for these ideologically driven cuts.

“These new figures lay bare the devastating impact that David Cameron’s cuts could have on families. It’s time for him to come clean and say exactly what he is proposing.”

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