Tom warns that Royal Mail share sell off could damage Teesside’s and East Cleveland’s postal service

Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland has warned that George Osborne’s sale of the government’s shares in the Royal Mail could threaten Post Office branches and harm local businesses.

The universal service obligation guarantees a 6 day delivery to ever address in the UK at a uniform tariff.

Tom said:
“The Royal mail universal service obligation could be Osborne’s first victim this parliament as the Tories scramble to find the money they need to fulfil their unfunded election promises.

“The sale of the government’s reaming shares in the Royal Mail will put the universal service obligation under even more pressure as shareholders will demand more cost cutting. This could leave the more remote areas of Teesside and East Cleveland with a second rate postal service.

“Small businesses in my constituency rely on a universal Royal Mail to provide a quick and affordable delivery service to their customers across the country, this sell-off will threaten that and could put business under threat or cause unwanted price rises.

“We must safeguard the future of the universal postal service, and ministers must urgently give assurances on the future of Royal Mail’s services and what action they will be taking to defend the USO and to ensure this cherished service is not lost forever.

“I will be writing to the Minister to seek assurances that this move will not affect the delivery offices at Coulby Newham, Guisborough and Skelton and Post offices across the constituency.”

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