Tom welcomes ‘landmark’ Bedroom Tax ruling

Labour MP for Middlesbrough South & East Cleveland, Tom Blenkinsop, has today welcomed a landmark ruling won by tenants of a local housing association.

A First-tier Tribunal judge ruled that a child can live in two homes for Bedroom Tax purposes. The ruling, won by the Coast & Country ‘Tenants Working Together’ Group, could mean that parents sharing responsibility for a child or children will not be subject to Bedroom Tax on the ‘spare room’ used by their child..

Commenting on the ruling, Tom Blenkinsop MP said:
“The Bedroom Tax was one of the cruellest policies implemented by the Coalition Government, and under the current Tory Government it will not be going away. A Labour Government would’ve abolished this unfair policy and scrapping the Bedroom Tax would have been included in the first Queen’s Speech.

“The next best thing is winning these little battles in the courts and I completely welcome this decision and praise the hard work of these local campaigners. It is so vital that it is repeatedly pointed out how unfair and, in many cases, unworkable this policy is. I’m sure the Coast & Country tenants working group will continue to fight against the Bedroom Tax and I am happy to support their efforts.”

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