Teesside and the North “left out in Prime Minister’s announcement on Wi-Fi on trains” claims Tom Blenkinsop MP

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, today (13th February 2015) slammed the Prime Minister’s announcement of free Wi-Fi on trains, which he said “would only in the main benefit South Eastern commuters.

David Cameron recently announced a £50 million plan “to ensure that rail passengers are better connected.”

Tom said:
“This may sound grand, but when you look at the small print no one on Teesside or in the North will get anything from this. The plans would only cover services on trains run by Great Nortnern, Southeastern, Chiltern and Arriva Trains Wales. The first three only operate trains geared to the South Eastern commuter market to London.

“As this is a government scheme, taxpayers on Teessside will be paying for city traders travelling to work to use their laptops and smartphones free of charge. ‘Digital’ Dave may think this is a wicked wheeze, but local rail users on the line from Saltburn to Darlington, packed into vintage, rattling, pacer trains will not be impressed at all.

“This scheme needs to be re-thought to benefit this area – and fast.”

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