Tom voices concerns over possible move of Brotton Post Office

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, today (9th January 2015) expressed his concerns over a possible decision by Post Office Ltd to move the location of the Post Office in the East Cleveland Village of Brotton.

Post Office Ltd we are proposing, with the Postmaster’s agreement, to move the above Post Office branch to a new location – Parkway Store, 2-4 Foster Street, Brotton, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, TS12 2TR.

Tom said:
“The idea, it seems, is to move from the current standalone Post Office on  the village high street to a new shared location with a general store in the Brotton Park Area. Despite the Post Office’s warm words, I have concerns.

“The location, if they are correct, is well away from the existing High Street PO and the other shops and is not on a road where there are buses stopping within yards in both directions. Additionally it is a considerable 10-15 minute walk for people from the “top end” of Brotton or from the streets running off the High Street. The new location does not offer any of these access advantages. The Post Office in a coy comment say that any walk will be via what they call “a varied terrain” which in plain English means a step gradient – something of concern for pensioners or the less able bodied.

“I think we will have to oppose this and we are now making contact with the Post Office to get more details. In the meantime I would ask local residents who also may have concerns to contact the Post Office consultation team or drop letters in to the existing post office for forwarding to the Post Office consultation team”

The Post Office consultation team can be found at

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