“Local fall-out from Scarborough Hospitals crisis must not undermine local Teesside hospital provision”

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland MP Tom Blenkinsop has today (6th January 2015) reacted to news of a “major incident” designation at Scarborough Hospital’s A&E Department by stressing that fall out problems from this should not be allowed to affect local hospitals on Teesside and East Cleveland.

Tom said:
“There has long been problems at this hospital and in 2012 the former Scarborough and North East Yorkshire Healthcare NHS Trust was identified as one of 20 NHS trusts across England that were no longer financially sustainable, leading to a merger with the York Trust. Now, it seems, these problems have resurfaced.

“I am worried that these panic measures might impact on the York Trust’s Whitby sister hospital, which has its own minor injuries centre and this could, in a domino fashion, impact on local hospitals like the East Cleveland and Guisborough hospitals and from there onto the already over-stretched A&E Unit at the overstretched James Cook University Hospital which serves my whole constituency.

“I want a cast iron guarantee that Coalition Government ministers will indemnify the South Tees Hospitals Trust which runs all these hospitals in my constituency against a surge caused by the Scarborough measures. They have a moral duty to do this.”

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