Labour gives the Tories and Lib Dems another chance to vote in favour of abolishing the Bedroom Tax

Tom Blenkinsop MP has urged MPs from all parties to back Labour’s attempt to scrap the Bedroom Tax by Christmas. Labour has forced a debate and vote in parliament on Wednesday 17th December on the Bedroom Tax.

Since the Bedroom Tax was introduced around half a million low-income households have been forced to find, on average an extra £700 a year. In Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland 1,296 families have been hit by the Bedroom Tax.

Tom said:
This Christmas people will struggle to make ends meet, many relying on food banks to survive because of the Bedroom Tax David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s government introduced. The Bedroom Tax is wasting people’s money, time and talents, it’s another example of Tory Welfare Waste.

“Labour is forced a vote to scrap this failing policy once and for all. I urged MPs of all parties to do the right thing and back Labour’s attempt to scrap this cruel and unfair tax but the Tories with the help of Lib Dems and UKIP scuppered any chance of abolishing the bedroom tax this parliament.

“This was the last chance to vote against the hated bedroom tax before parliament adjourns in March for the General Election. If the government refuses to abolish the bedroom tax, labour will if we form the next government.

Labours shadow DWP minister Rachel Reeves said:
“Around half a million people have been hit by the Bedroom Tax, forcing many into debt and to rely on food banks. It’s a cruel, unfair and costly tax with two thirds of those affected are disabled. Let’s scrap the Bedroom Tax and get rid of this failing policy which is leading to more Tory Welfare Waste.”

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