We must campaign to try and stop housing sprawl in Saltburn

“We must campaign to try and stop housing sprawl in Saltburn – but those who played politics with Redcar and Cleveland’s Local Plan must take the blame” – Tom Blenkinsop

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, today (14th October 2014) vowed to oppose new housing proposals on open land adjacent to Saltburn.

Taylor Wimpy have formally lodged a planning application for 130 houses to be built on land at the rear of Wilton Bank now used for riding stables.

Tom said :”Those local Councillors who voted down Redcar and Cleveland’s Local Plan will have to recognise their actions helped spur this development.”

“This is an unwanted development which will further erode the green wedge between Saltburn, Marske and New Marske. I live in Saltburn itself, and know it as a balanced community.  More housing of this type will only serve to swamp local identity and community spirit.”

“But crucially, we have to remember that this proposal is for a site which was NOT in that now defeated local plan. As everyone knows this plan although fully prepared, was rejected at a recent council meeting by a coalition of Conservative, Independent and Liberal Democrat Councillors.

“If that plan had been approved that day, planning officers could have opposed this development with added powers and also defended the council case at any subsequent planning appeal hearing.”

“Given it was seen as a protected site in that plan, I would hope the application is formally and vigorously opposed by the council’s planning officers and the full planning committee, but in the absence of a local plan there is a very real danger that the developer, if rejected, will go straight  to Eric Pickles, the conservative Secretary of State, who invariably sides with his friends in the property development industry.

“I would suggest to residents that they lobby Saltburn and Marske Councillors – and especially those who voted down the local plan.  They, above all, gave the green light to such new, unwelcome and speculative planning applications.”

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