Tories choose to hit working people on modest incomes with new Strivers’ Tax

Tom Blenkinsop MP, Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, has today (6th October 2014) claimed that if the Tories win the General Election next year, working people on modest incomes will be hit by cuts to tax credits, while carrying on with a £3 billion a year tax cut for those earning over £150,000.

Tom said:
“Working people in Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland have already seen their wages fall by an average of £1600 a year under the Tories and, if they win next year, they will be left even more worse off. Nurses, call-centre workers, shop staff, shift workers and teaching assistants will pay the price of George Osborne’s choice. It’s a Strivers’ Tax which will cost a one earner family with two children on £25,000 a year almost £500.

“We all know difficult decisions are needed to get the deficit down, but instead of asking those who have the most to make a bigger contribution, George Osborne is targeting striving working families already facing a cost-of-living crisis.

“This will be happening at the same time as a £3 billion tax giveaway for the top 1 per cent. Once again, the Tories have once shown they are the party of a privileged few at the top and the idea that “we are all in this together” is now just another broken promise.

“The choice is now clear: a Strivers’ Tax on hard working people under the Tories or a costed and funded plan to save our NHS, back working families and build a better Britain with Labour.”

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