Coalition ‘Youth Contract’ has been a “complete failure”

Tom Blenkinsop, Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, today (25th July 2014) labelled the Coalition’s ‘Youth Contract’ a “complete failure” following the decision to abandon the ill-fated policy.

Tom said:
“Over 4 year since he entered Downing Street, David Cameron’s Government still hasn’t got a clue how to get our young people into work. Just two years after the launch of their flagship Youth Contract, the £1 billion programme is being abandoned by ministers.

“The Youth Contract has been a complete failure from start to finish. Ministers promised it would get every unemployed young person working or learning, but only a tiny fraction of Youth Contract employer wage incentives were ever used to get young people into work. On Teesside almost 5,000 young people are still unemployed.

“The Youth Contract has proved to be a waste; we urgently need a new plan to get young people back to work. The Government should introduce Labour’s Compulsory Jobs Guarantee to get young jobseekers off benefits and into work.”

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