Tom secures debate to highlight local flooding

Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, Tom Blenkinsop, will today lead an Adjournment Debate in Parliament to discuss flood risk in the North East.

The debate is the latest course of action Tom has taken since the September 2013 floods that devastated many East Cleveland communities and with many still suffering the consequences.

The debate is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 4th June 2014 at around 10pm.

Ahead of the debate Tom said:
“The floods that took place in September last year continue to impact on residents lives to this day; but compared with the attention given to areas affected by the floods earlier this year in, for example, Surrey, it wouldn’t be surprising if people had forgotten or even if they were completely unaware.

“The double standards being used by this Government in terms of doing everything they possibly can to deal with the problems has been, quite frankly, disgraceful.

“Ministers were quite happy to visit our area to deliver some good news but where were they in September when residents were suffering from the sudden flooding. At the time, I requested a meeting with the Secretary of State and called for urgent Government action but I was just palmed off down the rung of ministers.

“I jumped at the chance to secure relief funds for flooding victims when the Prime Minister announced that cash would be available for those impacted, but then that turned out to be a false promise. It seems so unfair that people in East Cleveland are losing out just because, for want of a better phrase, they didn’t get flooded at the time the Government were taking notice.

“I’m very angry at these double standards and I will continue to raise the issue any way I can.”

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