East Cleveland residents will rightly wonder ‘where was DEFRA Secretary of State during our floods?’

Following reports that DEFRA Secretary of State Owen Paterson will be visiting a business in the area following some good news regarding Regional Growth Funds, local Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, has today (25th April) claimed that residents in East Cleveland who were hit by flooding in September last year will rightfully wonder why he didn’t visit the area when it was most in need.

Tom said:
“It is okay for the Secretary of State to visit the area when the sun is shining which is what he is effectively doing by visiting the area following some good news but where was he in September when residents were suffering from the sudden flooding.

“At the time, I requested a meeting with the Secretary of State and called for urgent Government action but I was just palmed off down the rung of ministers. This is a real kick in the teeth to those residents in particular – some of whom are still reeling from the effects of the flooding – and they will rightly be questioning where he was during their time of need.”

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