Tom urges Coalition to “come clean” over student fee hike

Following a series of reports of a rumoured forthcoming hike in tuition fees Labour MP Tom Blenkinsop has today (24th March 2014) urged the Coalition government to “come clean” with future students and reveal if they have any plans to increase tuition fees beyond £9000.

Tom said:
“Less than three years after this Government decided to treble tuition fees a crisis has developed in student finances. They trebled tuition fees and cut funding for universities and students, but new evidence shows their system could end up costing the taxpayer more than the one it replaced.

“It is hardly surprising that trebling fees has created huge new debts and combined with the ongoing cost-of-living crisis means that many students would not be able to pay back their loans. Ministers have got their sums badly wrong and left a black hole in the student finance budget running into billions of pounds.

“Now it would seem that – to try and fill this black hole – a hike in fees is on the horizon. Surely this can only lead to more debt for more students. Urgent action needs to be taken and Ministers need to come clean on exactly how much their broken system will end up costing and to provide assurances to universities, students and taxpayers.”

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