“Cameron’s offer for flood victim must be applied to East Cleveland residents”

Tom Blenkinsop, Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, has today (20th February 2014) written to the Government asking them to make clear whether the Prime Minister’s announcement that ‘all councils which have given council tax relief cash to flood victims’ will be reimbursed.

Tom said:
“In September last year, heavy and continued rainfall across East Cleveland caused disastrous flooding affecting a number of communities in places like North Skelton, Saltburn, Skelton Green and Gaskell Lane in Loftus.

“Many people had to move out of houses and the council, rightly, granted Council Tax relief for those worst affected. In all the council has spent over £24,000.

“Now, hearing the Prime Minister’s statement yesterday, I have written to the government asking them to make it clear as to whether Redcar and Cleveland Council will be reimbursed. There can be no hidden strings lurking behind such announcements, as no-one can diminish the damage to human emotions caused by a flooded home. £24,000 is not, as I have said to the Government, a big amount compared to other areas, but it would be very helpful in underpinning the council’s on-going revenue expenditure on flood prevention works.”

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