Food Banks and the cost of living to be debated in Parliament

This Wednesday (18th December 2013) an Opposition Day Debate will take place concerning the growing use of Food Banks as people struggle with the ongoing cost-of-living crisis.

Tom said:
“Nothing is a clearer indication of the cost-of-living crisis millions of people are facing up and down the country than the unprecedented rise in the need for food banks.

“If I get the opportunity to speak in the debate on Wednesday I will highlight the massive increase in the amount of food banks appearing and the ten-fold increase in users of food banks in the North East. I will also highlight the growing normalisation of food banks appearing in our communities which, I believe, is a scandal in 21st Century Britain and only last week a welfare minister urged local authorities to invest in food banks.

“Ahead of the festive season – as family budgets are stretched to their limits and beyond – I have set up a collection point in my constituency office for those residents who are able to hand in much needed food items. My fear is this will now become a permanent feature.”

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