Tom echoes calls for David Cameron to ignore Tory-group’s proposal to increase the price of food and children’s clothes by 15%

Tom Blenkinsop, Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, has today (18th November 2013) voiced his concerns over proposals by the Tory ‘Free Enterprise Group’ to increase the price of food and children’s clothes by 15% and has called on Prime Minister David Cameron to ignore the ideas.

The Free Enterprise Group consists of 42 Conservative MPs, including Government Ministers, listed as supporters of the Free Enterprise Group. The proposals were contained in the ‘Pre-Autumn Statement 2013’ briefing.

Tom said:
“Many of the proposals contained in this briefing document are beyond contempt. They truly show how out of touch the Tory party are when it comes to the everyday costs many families are facing and, in many cases, already struggling with.

“Their plan to raise VAT on gas and electricity to 15% would add £120 to the average energy bill. At a time when families are facing a cost of living crisis, you have to be spectacularly out of touch to suggest putting VAT on food, children’s clothes and books.

“I sincerely hope David Cameron distances himself from his Tory colleagues’ proposals that would spectacularly add to the cost of living.”

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