Skinningrove needs a green light that post-flooding problems are being addressed

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, has written ‘as a matter of urgency’ to the Environment Agency and Redcar and Cleveland Council on issues affecting he East Cleveland village of Skinningrove following recent flooding there.

Tom said:
“This flood, plus their experiences of previous floods, are burned deep into the psyche of the village and its people.  I have visited the village following the recent flood, speaking with villagers and local shopkeepers. Multiple issues were raised with me, and I want to ensure they are being addressed by the Environment Agency and the Council.

Consequently, I have written to the Leeds office of the Environment Agency seeking clarification about the present arrangements for activating the flood gates in Skinningrove. This follows the failure by the Agency’s contractors to do so on the Friday of the flooding.”

“I have also written to the Chief Executive of Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council asking the following questions:

  1. Presently, is there any timescale for repairs to the bridge at the village’s entrance to be undertaken, following identification of the structural issues? The Bridge remains shut and is, I gather, structurally unsound.
  2. Have any arrangements been made for renewed bin collection?   There have been no bins seemingly collected for a fortnight.
  3. Have there been any revised schemes for evacuation of flooded inhabitants during any future floods.
  4. Have there been arrangements for salt bins to be placed alongside the access roads into and out of the village via Carlin How and Hummersea?
  5. If the situation persists into the winter, can these two aforementioned roads be placed on the highway maintenance map?

“I have stressed that I and the villagers need answer to these questions as a matter of urgency.

“The other concern is for local shops that are affected by the loss of passing trade – something that is particularly affecting the local fish and chip shop. I want to stress that these shops are still open and trading and can still be accessed by people from outside the village by the roads in and out via Carlin How and Loftus, via North Road and Hummersea. I would hope people would make an effort to visit them, as a way of showing East Cleveland is giving them community support.”

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