We cannot afford another winter A&E crisis warns Tom

Following a report released today (24th July 2013) by the Health Select Committee into urgent and emergency services local MP, Tom Blenkinsop, is urging the Government to act on the report and ‘sort out the mess in A&E’.

Tom said:
“We simply cannot afford another winter A&E crisis and it is imperative that the Government act on this report. Only last week, hospitals reported a rise in A&E admissions due to the heat, particularly amongst the elderly. At least in terms of reporting, the A&E crisis has been going on for the better part of a year and I dread to think what winter will have in store for local service users.

“We have lost almost 5000 nurses since 2010 and this report rightly highlights staffing as a major factor in the on-going crisis in A&E. According to evidence in the report recruitment ‘workforce recruitment is in crisis [and] 3 successive years of only 50% fill rates for Emergency Medicine trainees has resulted in a ‘lost cohort’ of over 200 potential consultants’. It is a shocking indictment of the turmoil our NHS is going through.

“It would be a disgrace if, come winter, we had another round of almost daily reports of members of the public left queuing in ambulances outside of James Cook or patients untreated for 11 hours. David Cameron must act on this report without delay if this coming winter is not to turn out even worse than the last.”

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