Hands off the peoples Royal Mail

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, today (10th July 2013) reacted to the news that the Coalition Government will today be announcing the formal privatisation of the Royal Mail.

Tom said:
“This is a privatisation too far; even Margaret Thatcher rejected such a move. Nonetheless today we see a government driven more by a blinkered ideology than simple common sense announcing that the Royal Mail will be made a PLC and become a plaything of the money markets and the stock m rather than a public service.

“The Government try to say that the postal obligation of a daily mail delivery will stay, but refuse to say how much this will cost the householder or local business.

“I am also concerned that in a drive to the bottom to reduce costs, a privatised Royal Mail will try to slim down the number of delivery offices. In my constituency we have three – Skelton, Guisborough and Coulby Newham. We have already had to fight alongside postal workers at Guisborough to stop closure, a fight that was won. But I fear that this issue may come back if the Royal Mail falls into private hands. If it does it would be a betrayal to the general public as well as to the men and women who pound the streets to see that our letters and parcels are delivered on time.  This proposal is one that we have fought against and one where the fight will continue.”

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