Clear North-South health divide

  • A league table of premature deaths reveals nine out of 10 worst spots are in the North

Local Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, has today (11th June 2013) claimed it is ‘no surprise’ that the areas with the biggest health challenges are the same places that are getting the biggest cuts from the Government.

Local authorities in the Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland ranked as follows:

  • Middlesbrough – 145th (out of 150)for overall premature deaths; 149th for (deaths per 100,00 caused  by) cancer; 145th for lung disease and 146th for liver disease
  • Redcar and Cleveland – 93rd overall and 135th for cancer

Tom said:
“When the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, handed out public health funding, he gave the biggest cheques to some of the wealthiest areas but asked areas where health is poorest to make do with a fraction of the amount.

“In my constituency the average spending allocation was just £96 per person compared with Kensington and Chelsea who got £130. It will be extremely difficult to close the health gap when we are challenged with tackling the crisis with £34 less per person.

“Under the last Labour Government, many deprived areas saw people’s life expectancy rise and stroke and heart disease deaths fell by a half. Now we see the gap between those in the wealthiest areas and people in more deprived parts of the country is growing.

“On David Cameron’s watch, there’s a widening postcode lottery when it comes to people’s health and, as ever with the Tories, it’s the poorest areas that are being hit hardest.”

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