Government needs to get tough on crime urges Tom

Local Labour MP Tom Blenkinsop has today (30th April 2013) urged the Government to ‘get tough on crime’ as new figures revealed that in over 10,000 serious violence cases “community resolutions” have been used instead of prosecutions and cautions.

A series of FOIs show a steep increase in serious offences including domestic violence and knife crime being dealt with by community resolutions, originally intended for low level crimes, since cuts started in 2010.

Tom said:
“It is extremely concerning that offenders who admit to serious and violent crimes such as knife crime, domestic violence, and serious assault, are increasingly being let off with no criminal record, no justice for victims, and not even a caution.

“Ministers promised stronger action against serious and violent crime, especially knife crime, yet these shocking figures prove they have done the opposite. And the idea that perpetrators of domestic violence are being let off for merely saying ‘sorry’ to the victim I find very disturbing and I fear it risks perpetuating any abuse.

“We know police forces are under pressure from the scale of cuts and demands to dispose of crimes so it is no coincidence that this big increase in community resolutions for serious crime comes at the same time as 15,000 officers are being lost.

“The Home Secretary needs to deal with this urgently by ensuring community resolutions are only used for low level crime and for the government to recognise the real threat to justice from the scale of police cuts and to get tough on serious crime.”

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