Latest jobs figures shows the Government is ‘letting down our area’

Responding to today’s (17th April 2013) employment figures, local Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, claimed that the Governement is ‘letting down our area’.

Tom said:
“Here in Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland long term unemployment is up 25% on the year, and long-term youth unemployment is up 43%.  It is getting clearer by the day that this government is letting down our area.

“Before they condemn a whole generation to joblessness Ministers must take the decisive action we need to get our communities working again starting with Labour’s compulsory jobs guarantee to get anyone out of work for more than two years back into a job; a job people must take or lose their benefits.

“The message to ‘change course’ with their economic plan is coming in from all directions. Even with unemployment getting worse George Osborne still won’t listen.”

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