Local MP to hold public meetings over Bedroom Tax

Tom Blenkinsop, Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, is to hold to public meetings for constituents to voice their concerns over the ‘Bedroom Tax’ which came into effect earlier in April.

The Bedroom Tax means that tenants in social housing will have their Housing Benefit reduced by 14 per cent if they have one spare bedroom, and 25 per cent if they have two or more spare bedrooms.

Two meetings have been arranged in the constituency. The first will be Friday 19th April from 6:30pm at St Timothy’s Church Hall in Hemlington; then on Saturday 20th April from 11am at Luke Senior Hall, Queens Road, Loftus.

Tom said:
“The Bedroom Tax is an awful policy that has the potential to destroy communities by moving neighbour from neighbour, forcing vulnerable people to food banks and loan sharks, and could end up costing taxpayers more than is saved as tenants are forced to go homeless or move into the expensive private rented sector. It is the worst possible blend of cruelty and incompetence yet the government have steamrolled ahead with it.

“These public meetings will offer my constituents to opportunity to tell their stories about how the Bedroom Tax is hitting them. We already know the facts and figures, how many are hit, what it will cost families and so on. But it is hearing the personal stories of people’s struggles that will really show how awful this policy is and it is my duty to make sure that these stories do not go unheard.”

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