‘Bedroom tax’ impact on armed forces raised at PMQs

At Prime Minister’s Questions today (6th Feb 2013) the Leader of the Labour Party, Ed Miliband, raised the issue of the ‘bedroom tax’ and how it could impact on those serving in the Armed Forces and cited the case of Alison Huggan, from Middlesbrough, who has two sons currently serving as soldiers in the British Army.

Last year Local Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, highlighted Alison’s plight whose sons face the very real prospect of not having a bed to come home to.

The ‘bedroom tax’ will come into force in April 2013 when thousands of families will have their housing benefit reduced by up to £80 a month.

Tom said:
“I’m pleased that this issue was raised in Parliament today as people need to be aware of this ill-conceived policy; one I believe that the Prime Minister doesn’t seem to understand quite how it will work, nor the devastating impact it will have on families.

“I know Alison has spoken with housing officials about moving to a smaller one bedroom property, only to be told that they do not have enough one bedroom properties to meet the need of everyone. So what that essentially means is that Alison will now have to find the money to pay for these bedrooms.

“The policy is a farce and one that will unravel extremely quickly. It’s a disgrace that people face the uncertainty of being turfed out of their homes unless they can find the extra money. This will all be happening at the same time as 8,000 millionaires get a tax cut worth on average £107,500.”

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