‘Another month of bad unemployment figures’

Commenting on the latest unemployment figures released today (23rd January 2013), Tom Blenkinsop MP described them as ‘yet another month of bad news for people wanting to get into the workplace’.

Tom said:
“These new figures from December 2012 show that unemployment in my constituency is up from the previous month and up from the same time last year. So far this year we have had three major retailers slip into administration putting around 16,000 jobs at risk – so I dread to think what upcoming unemployment stats will look like.

“Almost 3,500 people are out of work in Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland – 149 more than last year, but it is more than just numbers on a spreadsheet. It is families losing an income, it’s young people unable to afford the rent, and it is massive bump in the road for someone saving for retirement.

“With unemployment in my constituency up, it is clear that this Government’s policies are failing. The Regional Growth Fund appears to be doing very little to help hard-working families on Teesside and in East Cleveland. David Cameron and George Osborne need a proper plan for jobs, growth and regional development. If they do not deliver this, the benefits bill will spiral out of control, the future of our young people will be put at risk and they will continue to fail the economic test they set themselves – cutting the deficit.”

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