Fight for Ayresome Industries “more important than ever”

Following the announcement today (6th December 2012) that the Coalition Government are set to close at least 10 more Remploy factories and a further five have been put at risk, local Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, claimed that it was “more important than ever” that Ayresome Industries is spared the chopping block.

Similar to Ayresome Industries, Remploy factories provide specialist disability employment for disabled workers allowing them to earn a living, gain confidence and independence.

Tom said:
“The way this news has come to light is shameful – Ministers sneaking out a written statement the day after the Autumn Statement – and it is awful news for hundreds of disabled workers who are now at risk of losing their jobs. It’s comparable to what could happen if Ayresome Industries was to be shut down. 90% of those made redundant during the last round of Remploy factory closures are still out of work, yet the Government have made this lamentable decision to close even more. So what would happen to Ayresome Industry employees if they lost their jobs in an area that already suffers from high unemployment?

Anna Turley, Labour & Co-operative candidate for Redcar said:
“Middlesbrough and Mayor Mallon now have a great opportunity to prove the government wrong and show Iain Duncan Smith and David Cameron that protected work places for the disabled are viable and that people depend on them for their livelihoods. I hope Mayor Mallon takes this opportunity to hold out against this national decline and ensure this priceless resource isn’t lost.”

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