Tom to vote for freeze on New Year fuel duty

Local Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, will today (12th November) join Labour colleagues in supporting a motion that calls for the planned fuel duty hike in January to be postponed.

Tom said:
“The planned 3p hike in January comes at a time when family finances are most stretched following the Christmas and New Year period on top of the recent massive hike on gas and electricity bills by energy firms . So acting now would give relief to motorists, small businesses, families and pensioners in my constituency who are feeling the squeeze as prices rise faster than wages, the record high VAT, and cuts to tax credits and child benefit.

“Whilst the Chancellor may be hinting at a freeze that is simply not enough as families need to plan ahead with their finances. So this vote offers the Government the opportunity to provide peace of mind for millions of people up and down the country and I hope MPs from all parties will stand up for their constituents and back our call for the freeze.”

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