Anger as Pickles green lights Grey Towers

Tom Blenkinsop, Labour MP for Middlesbrough South & East Cleveland, today (15th October 2012) expressed his anger at the decision by Tory Ministers to not call-in the proposed development on greenfield land at Grey Tower Farm and claimed “the process has become utterly pointless under this government”.

Tom said:

“Local residents will rightly be disappointed with this decision and will have serious concerns over the call-in procedure. Formerly, one of the strongest tools to ensure local voices get heard, the process has become utterly pointless under this government – now we have ministers saying one thing and doing another.

“In the response it is acknowledged that the development is “locally controversial” which downright contradicts an earlier statement in the letter about giving more power to local communities. Whilst disappointing, unfortunately, it is hardly surprising. Only a few months ago developers were making large donations to the Conservatives; now we find planning policy in complete disarray and borderline a free-for-all on greenbelt land.

“The Department for Local Communities and Local Government needs to get its house in order or this could be the first in an onslaught of poor decisions by Tory Whitehall chiefs harming local communities.”

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