British Gas price hike will ‘put a squeeze on household finances as winter approaches’

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, today (12th October 2012) criticised energy firm, British Gas, for imposing a £80 price hike on millions of households – just as winter is about to begin.

British Gas, who are the UK’s largest energy supplier, announced an average 6% gas and electricity rise, effective from 16 November.  This is despite their interim financial report showing profits on UK residential customers being up by 23%, compared to the same period last year.

Tom said:

“Many of my constituents will be perplexed as to why energy prices are going up yet again when household incomes are being squeezed, yet British Gas are raking in the profits. It is simply not justifiable for energy firms to force this rise on customers when only a few large companies have control over the energy markets and are able to raise or lower prices in tandem and at a whim.

“The latest news from today is that other energy suppliers are likely to follow suit and increase their prices too. The dominance of these firms needs to be broken and better regulation needs to be in place to simplify tariffs and to ensure families are able to get the best deals possible. Unfortunately, the Government’s Energy Bill falls well short of reforming the energy market.

“My constituents won’t be able to cope with spiralling energy bills – and the Government seems unwilling to deal with the issue. The best alternative at the moment would be for my constituents to think about switching companies to ensure they have the best deal possible.”

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