‘State Pension Budget u-turn piles on pensioner misery’

Tom Blenkinsop MP has today (18th September 2012) said that the decision by David Cameron to ‘put the brakes on a flat rate pension’ is merely a “political stunt aimed at appeasing Tory-voting high earners who would not be able to boost their incomes”.

Tom said:
“Regardless of the benefits of such a policy – such as losing the need for means testing – it is disappointing that the main reason the Prime Minister is carrying out this latest Budget u-turn is to avoid the backlash of high earners who would be unable to boost their retirement incomes through the state second pension.”

This news comes less than a week after it was revealed that pensioners will be left £1,318 worse off by Coalition policy and that energy bills are set to rise as cheaper deals are withdrawn.

Tom added:
“When you are faced with reports that say pensioners, on average, will be over £1000 worse off by the end of the next financial year due to your policies – such as the cut in winter fuel payments, which in itself is a broken pre-election promise –  your immediate reaction should be ‘how can he help these people who will be struggling to make ends meet?’. However, Cameron is only thinking about how he can sure up his votes.

“I hope the Coalition Government is beginning to learn that you can’t just announce policy ad hoc and expect it to work. I also hope that David Cameron and George Osborne perform the most needed u-turn – pandering to the wealthy by giving a tax cut for millionaires paid for by ‘Granny tax’ hike on pensioners.”

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