‘Positive headline employment figures fail to recognise the need for full time work’

Commenting on employment figures released today (12th September 2012), Tom Blenkinsop MP said:

“The headline fall in unemployment is obviously welcome news, but I feel it is nothing more than a distraction from what people are truly experiencing. In my constituency of Middlesbrough and East Cleveland we have 23 people chasing every job vacancy and unfortunately, the national figures show that the growth is primarily down to the increase in part-time workers to 8.12 million – the highest amount since records began in 1992. What people really want are full-time jobs so that they can afford to support themselves and their families, a difficult prospect in any case as real wages are still falling.

“Worryingly youth unemployment remains over 1 million and is up 7000 from the previous quarter. This just confirms that the Youth Contract – that 32% of firms haven’t even heard of – is having minimal impact on this growing issue.”

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