Shock as victims of crime compensation is slashed

Tom Blenkinsop, Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland has expressed dismay after the House of Lords voted through changes to the victim Criminal Injury Compensation Board.

Around 17,000 victims of crime will no longer receive compensation after Coalition peers voted for changes to the Criminal Injury Compensation Board.

13,000 more people who receive more serious injuries, like a fractured skull, damage to their eyes or even minor brain damage, will get reduced amount of compensation.

Tom said:
“The Government are soft on crime but tough on the victims of crime. 17,000 people with injuries such as a dislocated jaw or a fractured rib will no longer receive any compensation because their injuries are classed as ‘temporary’.

“There were 517 more crimes reported in Cleveland last year meaning that you are more likely to become a victim of crime and less likely to receive any compensation. Estimates show that 83% of crime victims will see the compensation they get reduced or removed.

“It’s clear that the coalition governments deficit cutting plan is failing, but they are still using it as an excuse to cut funding from the most needy. The Government is putting deficit reduction before the victims of crime.”

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