Police levels drop to a 9 year low

Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Tom Blenkinsop has expressed concern at Home Office figures that reveal police numbers in England and Wales have dropped to the lowest numbers in nine years.

The Home Office Report revealed that the total number of police officers fell by 5,009 compared to this time last year.

Tom said:

“These figures are shocking. David Cameron said frontline policing would not be hit by his huge 20% cuts to our force, but the truth is that frontline officers are being cut.

“Neighbourhood officers, 999 response and traffic police are being cut right across the country. 62 of these visible officers are being lost in Cleveland.

“The blame for these cuts lies squarely with the Tory-led Government. Cleveland Police have been put in an impossible decision by this Government’s decision to cut police funding by 20%. The recent 1% increase in crime in the Cleveland Police area proves that spending on the Police is necessary to keep crime down.

“I recognise savings need to be made, but the Government has doubled Labour’s cuts to police funding, and made the steepest cuts in the first two years. That’s not an attack on waste, that’s an attack on the police.

“Our police are under pressure like never before, as the Police Federation said at their conference: 20% Police cuts are criminal.”

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