News that Olympic organisers ‘colluded’ with G4S to keep wages ‘artificially low’ leads to Tom asking if “Teesside job hunters have been cheated”

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, has today (20th July 2012) said ‘he will be asking of any Teesside job hunters have been affected by a secret agreement between London Olympic bosses and G4S to keep wage levels artificially low’.

He made this demand after the BBC revealed that G4S security guards were offered £8.50 an hour to work at the Olympic venues – below the market rate of about £10 an hour. G4S was “incentivised” in the contract – negotiated between itself and LOCOG and agreed in December – to keep a ‘lid on labour costs’ meaning higher profits if it paid less.

Tom said:
“This news now places LOCOG and the Government – which underwrites and controls it – squarely in the dock. Not only has the affair been a shambles, but we now see it was a shambles built on a workforce revealed to have been deliberately underpaid. Given that G4S were contracted to supply 10,400 guards for the London event I would like G4S to tell us how many were recruited from Teesside. Depressed wages in London, one of the most expensive cities in the world, is tantamount to slave labour.

“Now that this news has become public I believe there is an onus on G4S, LOCOG and the Coalition Government to see that these workers are paid the decent threshold wage for London – a lot more than they were hired for.”

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