No-show G4S staff pile pressure on Police frontline

Reacting to today’s (16th July 2012) reports that private security firm, G4S, have failed to provide enough staff for Olympic venues and that at least 9 forces were providing officers as backup, Tom Blenkinsop MP described the revelations as “shambolic” and representative of the Government’s “incompetence to protect the public”.

North East police force, Northumbria Police, have been drafted in to cover Olympic football security.

Tom said:
“At a time when police on the frontline are being stretched to breaking point this latest blunder from G4S is totally unacceptable. More telling is the fact that the Home Secretary, Theresa May, was already aware of the issues surrounding security for Olympic venues and athletes. This latest incident provides a clear example of the risks posed by involving profit-motivated companies into providing a public service. A lot of money has been spent involving G4S and stories over the last few days do not inspire confidence in them.

“Unfortunately, this is only the latest example of incompetence by the Government that seems to be emerging by the hour. For example, it was only this morning that we heard about the Home Office wasting almost £500,000 on rubber bullets that were not fit for purpose in response to last summer’s riots.

“Over the next few weeks the whole world will be watching the UK closely as the Olympic Games take place. The Government needs to get its act together and put an end to these embarrassing stories or the country will become a laughing stock.”

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