Tom slams Tory-led cuts to frontline police

Tom Blenkinsop MP today (3rd July 2012) slammed Tory-led cuts to the Police after the report ‘Policing in Austerity: One year on’ revealed that 750 posts will be cut in Cleveland.

The report provides further proof that the Tory-led Government has no strategy to deal with crime, only to cut police officers.

Tom said:
“David Cameron promised that frontline policing would not be affected by his huge 20% cut in funding, but this report is proof that you can’t have cuts on that scale without an impact on the frontline.

“Neighbourhood officers, 999 response and traffic police are being cut right across the country. In Cleveland 750 posts will be cut, 270 of which will be police officers, that is a 15% reduction compared to the England and Wales average of 10%.

“Anyone with basic common sense can see that decreasing the number of police officers on the frontline will lead to an increase in crime, and that is exactly what we have already begun to witness.

“Here in Cleveland, we saw a 3% increase in overall crime rates between December 2010 and December 2011. Robbery increased by 8%, burglary by 11% and criminal damage and arson by 3%. These figures will only get worse as the police cuts continue.

“Savings need to be made, but the Government’s decision to double Labour’s cuts to police funding and enforce the steepest cuts in the first two years is a brutal attack on our police force that at the same time threatens the safety of our communities.”

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