Broken promise of an ‘end to hospital closures’ due to NHS reforms

Tom Blenkinsop MP today (3rd July) that his “worst fears  have been confirmed” following comments made yesterday by the Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley when he admitted that as services are moved “that may mean wards shutting down, [and] that might mean fewer beds.”

Tom said:
“These comments by Andrew Lansley merely confirm what I have been warning against since the NHS reorganisation was first proposed by the government. So it also came as no surprise last week when doctors at the British Medical Association called on Andrew Lansley to resign, claiming he could not be trusted with the NHS.

“The reduction of services and the closure of the Chaloner ward at Guisborough Hospital has been a potent example of the damage being caused by Lansley’s reforms locally; and I even organised a debate specifically highlighting the impact of the erosion of services on community hospitals.

“At the last election, David Cameron promised that there would be an end to hospital closures. Cameron’s own health secretary has now confirmed that his NHS reforms will see the inevitable closure of hospitals as services are rationed, relocated, or picked off by the private sector. Once again, the Tories have proven that they cannot be trusted with the NHS.”

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